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13 Results

A hot tub without bubbles - is really just a hot bath. Adding air to your spa jets increases the volume coming through the jet which improves the intensity of the jet massage. Passive air intake knobs provide a mix of water for some spa jet action, but spa blowers really transform a hot tub into a therapy spa. Browse our selection of spa blowers, buy today and install or replace your spa blower this weekend!

Don't need the whole thing? Check out our extensive selection of Air Blower Motors and Parts.

SPA BLOWERS: We carry the whisper-quiet Air Supply™ Ultra 9000 spa blowers, the most highly recognized brand of spa blowers on the market. Ultra 9000 air blowers for spas measure just 7” x 11” and fit nearly anywhere. Includes built-in pedestal base, and 4’ cord with AMP style connector. Spa blowers are available in 1.0hp, 1.5hp and 2.0hp sizes, in 120V or 240V. Match your existing size and voltage blower for best results, and if you need help selecting a new spa blower, let us know!

SPA BLOWER MOTORS: Want to reduce, recycle and reuse? Don’t throw out your old blower, replace the internal motor. Great small project for handy pool owners and electrically minded teenagers. Spa blower motors are new with full factory warranty, and are less than half the cost of new spa blowers.

BLOWER CHECK VALVES: When a spa blower is installed, it must be connected to a siphon loop, a pipe connected to the blower that rises above the water level, before connecting to spa jets or bubblers. In addition, a one-way check valve is installed after the blower, to keep water out, which will quickly ruin a blower motor. Spa blower check valves are available in 1.5” or 2” plumbing sizes, and ¼ or ½ lb. spring strength.