5 Minute Hot Tub Massage Techniques

spa-massageThe Hot Tub or Spa is the perfect place for a soothing massage, after all, hydrotherapy is a form of massage. In the warm waters of your hot tub, tired muscles relax and yield to the softest touch.

It's a great way for couples to help each other enjoy their time in the hot tub more, and become closer to each other in the process.

Since long soaks of 30 minutes or more may not be recommended, here's some ways to provide quick relief - in just 5 minutes!

Spa Massage Tips

There are some areas of the body that are not conveniently positioned for the spa jet massage, such as the thighs, lower back and pelvis areas. Other parts of the body can be comfortably reached by your spa massage partner, without climbing into some impossible position.

Spa Massage starts with a deal, an accord or pact between two aching bodies. "I'll do you - if you do me?" is the usual agreement. Although foot massage can both be given at the same time, it's best to trade off, to allow your helping hands to be most appreciated. Here's some tips on bringing loving relief in the form of massage - while soaking in your hot tub!

Foot Massage:

This is a good place to start the massage. Seated across from your partner, raise their ankle up onto your knee, and begin by slowly rotating the ankle in both directions. Then twist the entire foot, side to side - slowly. After this overall foot greeting, we can get specific. Extend the toes back and forward, and then stretch each toe, one by one, by gently twisting and then pulling or extending each little piggy.

Moving from the toes, massage the ball of the foot with circular motions, before running your thumb the length of the foot, from toe to heel. Finish the foot by massaging the heel area, squeezing it like a large lemon, as you move your hand around the heel. Switch to the other foot.

Hand Massage:

A hand massage is so appreciated, with the amount of dexterous tasks we are all doing each day on our computer and portable devices. A hand massage doesn't differ very much from the foot massage, except that it's best to be seated next to the person, on the side opposite the hand you are working on.

Begin with wrist rotation, a few times in each direction. Then fold the wrist to as far forward as is comfortable, pointing the fingers at the elbows. Reverse direction so the palm is open and facing up. Now, "squeeze the lemon" by squeezing the hand, as you slide it through yours, from wrist to finger tips. Now, work on each individual finger, with a stroking squeeze of each digit from base to tip. Twist each finger from side to side, and then extend each finger through it's full range. Finish with some thumb strokes on an open palm, while squeezing the hand edge, opposite the thumb. Switch to the other hand.

Back Massage:

If you have a large enough bench seat, your partner can sit in front of you, or, you can bring in a clean 5 gallon bucket as a seat in the center of the spa. For portable spas, standing outside of the spa can be most comfortable for the one giving the massage, and also allows you more leverage to bear down into tired trapezoids.

Start at the base of the neck, and work your way along the top of the shoulders. Dig your thumbs deep into the shoulder grooves (as deep as is comfortable for your partner). Then, follow down the spinal cord, as far as you can comfortably reach. Repeat the stroke, widening your stroke on each pass, until your  hands end up on your partner's sides. Finish by pulling, hand over hand, strokes from the outside - in, or from the side of the body, toward the spine, repeating the stroke on the opposite side.

Neck and Scalp Massage:

This one can be performed with the person seated on the floor in front of you, if your spa is not too deep, or you can stand outside the spa, just behind your partner. Hair can be wet or dry, but wet hair is easier to get your hands through.

Again, start at the base of the neck, but this time work your thumbs upward, and as you reach the scalp, run your thumbs along the base of the scalp, towards the ears. Run your fingers up the neck, and into the hairline, continuing the stroke all the way to the front (remove any rings and necklaces first). Spend time behind each ear, and massage the entire perimeter of each ear, pulling, twisting and folding your partner's ear.spa-massage-2

Keep the massage oils inside the house - your spa filter will do better without having to filter excess oil, and besides the water is a good lubricant anyway.

If you have any of your own spa or hot tub massage techniques to share, post a comment below - if not, give this 5 minute spa massage a try on your hot tub partner!



Gina Galvin
Hot Tub Works