Installing a Spa or Hot Tub Ozone Injector

One of the greatest items to ever come out for a hot tub has to be a spa ozonator. They have the ability to kill the majority of the bacteria in the water as well as significantly reduce the amount of other chemicals that have to be used in the water. The only problem is that it is very difficult to disperse the O3 gas into the system if you aren't pre plumbed for ozone.

We were getting so many calls for this that we actually built a spa ozone injector kit that will allow the ozone to be injected into the water in a way that is even more effective than if your spa was actually pre plumbed for ozone.

To install the spa injector kit, locate a length of pipe AFTER the filter and heater where you install the manifold in an upright position, as shown below. It measures approximately 15" long and 5" tall, so you need a clear section of pipe that's around 16" that you can cut into. In cases where there is no room, you may have to reroute the return line slightly, to create the space needed for the ozone manifold.ozone-injection-manifold

After locating a suitable location, all you do is cut the ozone venturi manifold (shown above) into your plumbing with a hacksaw. The pipe that is cut out should be about 3" shorter than the overall length of the manifold, so the pipe will slip into both ends of the manifold, 1.5" on each side.

Use pipe cleaner or primer and then glue the manifold in place with fresh PVC glue. Connect your new spa ozonator hose to the injector and you're ready to go. The Ozonator unit should be mounted somewhere nearby, in reach of the ozone hose.

I get calls all the time where people are asking for an ozonator and they don’t even realize that it has to be pre plumbed and you could hear the defeat in their voice when I ask. But then when I tell them we have a device that will allow them to use the ozonator you could hear them perk up again. It’s a good feeling to know that we could help people find what they are looking for when they don’t even know they needed it.

So if you ever have any questions about ozone or the different ozone systems or injection manifolds that we have available - don’t hesitate to call, we at are here to help you out.