FlexFit Digital Controls

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27 Results


FlexFit digital controls feature adjustable heater positioning, a small footprint for easy installation in cramped equipment bays, and different models include circulation pump and heater options. Built from world class construction using the finest material throughout and contain specially selected components made by Potter-Brumfield, GE and others. Our packs and controls have been proven in the field for many years by major spa manufactures in the US, Canada and Europe and are listed products by one or more of the following agencies: UL, ETL, CSA. They are also CE certified for Europe.

All controls have recently been certified by the new UL 1563 FIFH EDITION standard. This grueling test includes operation at high temperature, electronic noise levels, minimal vibration and consumer safety.

All controls ship with full documentation, power cords and more INCLUDED! Unlike many competitors, our controls are truly convertible for different voltages. Voltage can be changed at any time for a pump or a blower from 115 to 230v or the reverse.

Enclosures are corrosion resistant aluminum, not steel. Our electronic controls allow viewing of actual water temperature as well as the set point temperature you desire. Digital control gives advantage of fine temperature adjustment within 1 degree.

Our electronic controls have many features not available with mechanical controls such as:

  • Smart filtration Control: adds extra filtration time immediately after use.
  • Silent Mode: allows noiseless operation during preset hours during the night.
  • Vacation mode: spa drops to lower temp for energy savings while you are away.
  • Freeze protection is standard
  • Heater protection software: purges air from system before energizing the heater and helps prevent heater dry-firing.
  • UL listed and CSA certified.
  • Ozonator ready (120V)
  • Free wiring
  • Power Cords Included
  • Topside Panels Included

Here's what you need to know when choosing a FlexFit spa control:

  • Incoming Control Voltage: Is the power to your spa pack currently 120 V or 240V?
  • Main/Secondary Pump Voltage: For some reason, pumps are usually rated at 115 or 230 volts instead of the more common 120 or 240 volt ratings. Don't be concerned about this. 115 volt pumps work just fine in 120 Volt systems while 230 Volt pumps are at home in 240 volt systems.
  • Circulation Pump: A circulation pump (usually called a "circ pump" ) is often present in newer spas and is a small pump whose only function is to keep water circulating. In other systems, the low speed of a two speed main therapy pump is used to accomplish a similar function.
  • Plumbing Size: Refers to the inner diameter of the pipes used in your system. IMPORTANT! It's best to enter the INSIDE diameter of your pipe fittings here. However, if you taking your measurements from the wet end, A 3" overall OUTSIDE diameter translates to 2.0" plumbing size while a 2 3/8" OUTSIDE diameter translates to a 1.5" plumbing size.