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Spa control systems with digital topside control panels and heater, or spa packs including controller, pumps, heater and blower. Build your own digital spa pack, or buy a pre-configured spa pack by Balboa or Hydro quip.

If your control panel has a digital read-out, this indicates your spa has a digital system. If you have a digital display on the top of your spa, and the heater is located on the bottom front of your control box, our standard digital controls and packs are for you.

Do you need a spa pack or a control? A spa control is the box of electronics that functions as the brains of your spa telling all the other spa components (like your pumps) what to do. Some controls come with heaters and some don't. A spa pack is a complete system including a control, an additional pump or two and perhaps a blower.

Simply put, you need a pack if your spa gets a ton of use, or it is more than 7 years old and you have to replace a major part (like a control or a pump). In this case, you can assume that other parts will be substantially worn and you might want to replace the whole deal while you're at it. A spa's shell and cabinet will last indefinitely, so it's not unusual to replace the pack once or twice during a spa's life). You may also want a pack if your spa has an old fashioned air (pneumatic) system with air button controls and you want to upgrade to a digital topside control. While we offer air-switched controls and equipment packs, they are offered only as a convenience to those who wish to keep their existing air button topside panel. The choice we recommend is a new electronic control pack because you gain the advantage of temperature display right where you can see it as well as many nice features that aren't available using air-switched controls. One of the most common reasons people buy a new spa pack is because they have called the spa tech to come fix the spa for the umpteenth time, and they're sick and tired of being nickel-and-dimed to death. If none of these situations applies, you may just want to get a control.

You need one of our new state-of-the art FlexFit digital controls or packs if you have a digital display on the top of your spa, and the heater is located SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN the bottom front of your control box. Additionally you might select FlexFit if you have a spa made in the last 10 years that has a 24 hour circulation pump, your equipment bay is small and there's not much room to work, or you don't need to replace your heater (can be ordered with or without a heater).

HotTubWorks Spa Packs and Controls are second-to none in quality, durability and price. They all feature world class construction, certification from one or more of the following agencies: UL, ETL, CSA and CE, and our exclusive 3 Year Warranty. Plus, now you can now select from several product types and almost endless configurations.