Rendezvous - Granular Hot Tub Chlorine 4.5 lbs.

Granular Hot Tub Chlorine 4.5 lbs.

Rendezvous - Granular Hot Tub Chlorine 4.5 lbs.

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The Rendezvous chlorine granules is an effective and easy way to sanitize your hot tub. Scatter the concentrated chlorine granules across the entire water surface of your spa, wait five minutes and then check for residual chlorine levels. Specially blended concentrated spa chlorine granules are ideal for disinfecting high-temperature water and high-demand spas.

Chlorinating Application:

  1. Add 1/2 oz. of chlorine per 500 gallons of water
  2. Wait 5 minutes to check residual chlorine levels
  3. Chlorine residual must be between 2 to 3 ppm for persons to enter the hot tub
  4. Add more Rendezvous chlorine granules to the water until proper residual chlorine levels are reached

Daily Maintenance:

  1. Add Rendezvous granular chlorine to your spa daily or as needed to maintain 2 to 3 ppm residual chlorine levels
  2. Test your spa water frequently
  3. When using, broadcast chlorine granules over the surface of the water
  4. Wait 5 minutes before testing water

Product Size: 4.5 lb.