DEL Ozone - Mazzei Liquid Gas Mixer

Mazzei Liquid Gas Mixer

DEL Ozone - Mazzei Liquid Gas Mixer

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Manufacturer SKU: 7-1392-01
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Ozone injectors infuse only about 60% of the Ozone produced from generators. The remaining 40% is wasted. With the addition of an Liquid Gas Mixer (LGM) the remaining 40% is re-infused back into the water, making your Ozone Generators more efficient. 3/4"" Ribbed Barb fittings connect to the 3/4 inch ozone hose, installed after the Mazzei Ozone Injector.

If your ozonator is producing large ozone bubbles that quickly float the surface, mix-it up again with the Liquid Gas Mixer, which breaks up large ozone bubbles into tiny, and much more effective, champagne bubbles. Del Ozones 7-1392-01 liquid gas mixer makes any ozonator more effective and efficient, with increased efficacy.