Rendezvous - Natural Clear Spa Clarifier - 16oz

Natural Clear Spa Clarifier - 16oz

Rendezvous - Natural Clear Spa Clarifier - 16oz

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Keep your spa crystal clear and free of scum lines the natural way by using Rendezvous Natural Clear spa clarifier. Natural clear contains natural enzymes that digests organic material, oils and lotions in water, protecting your spa filter from oily build-up and clogging along with keeping your spas surfaces clean and looking new.

  • Product Size: 16 Fluid oz.
  • Natural enzymes digest oils, lotions and other organic materials to keep your water clear
  • Protects filters and prevents clogging
  • 1 Fluid ounce treats 500 gallons of water in your spa or hot tub
  • Use every day until scum buildup on spall walls and surfaces is eliminated
  • Use 1 oz. for 500 gallons of water every other week to prevent oils, lotions and other organics from forming on walls again; use weekly during periods of high usage
  • Compatible with chlorine, bromine, biguanide, ozone and mineral sanitizing/purification systems