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Choose from a variety of trusted brand name spa chemicals. At Hot Tub Works, you'll find every type of chemical you need to keep your spa or hot tub clean, sanitized, balanced and ready for relaxation. Not only do we carry all of the spa chemical products you need, but we also offer decades worth of hot tub knowledge and experience to give you the best information and advice possible for maintaining sparkling clean spa water. From how the chemicals work, to when and how you should use them, we strive to make spa ownership and and maintenance as easy as possible.

Looking for helpful tips on how to properly test, balance, sanitize and maintain your hot tub water? Hot Tub Works has a large bank of timeless spa chemical articles and posts that you can always rely on. Just check out our blog to learn more. From beginner spa care information to troubleshooting common water balance issues, our blog has a little something for everyone.