Hot Tub Works - Spa Alkalinity Increaser - 2 lb

Spa Alkalinity Increaser - 2 lb

Hot Tub Works - Spa Alkalinity Increaser - 2 lb

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Your spas total alkalinity is extremely important in maintaining your spas water chemistry and controlling pH. Increase your spas total alkalinity with this amazing formula that is highly effective and offers immediate results. Not only does Spa Alkalinity Increaser make your spa water crystal clear, it also helps prevent corrosion of spa equipment.

  • Raises total alkalinity to safe levels
  • Makes pH easier to control
  • Helps prevent corrosion

The ideal total alkalinity range for spas is between 80 PPM and 120 PPM; use Spa Alkalinity Increaser when your waters alkalinity level goes below the ideal range, and enjoy healthy, crystal clear water.

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