Harwil Corporation - Spa Heater Flow Switch

Spa Heater Flow Switch

Harwil Corporation - Spa Heater Flow Switch

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Spa Heater Flow Switch Q-12DS50 is compatible with spas made by Marquis, Cal Spas, Sundance and also fits Jacuzzi J-300 Series. This 50w resistive flow switch includes 18 gauge, 3-wire 40-inch cable to plug into the spa pack. A single pole normally open (SPNO) reed switch uses magnetic coupling, carries 2.5 amps and measures 0.15 Ohms contact resistance.

If your topside control panel is giving you a FLO error but your circulation pump is running and spa filter is clean, you may have a defective Harwil Flo Switch. A Harwil Flo Switch was used on many different spas from 1998-2008 to verify flow before starting the heater. The Q-12 flow switch is also used in swimming pool salt systems and for irrigation, chemical processing and other industrial uses.

Spa heater flow switch Q-12DS has 1/2"" NPT threads pre-covered with Teflon tape. To install, tighten the switch into the plumbing tee fitting (not included) just before or after your spa heater and stop when the flow indicator arrow is aligned with the side of the tee. The water flow is designed to hit the magnetic paddle head-on and must be facing in the correct direction to accurately measure water flow.

  • Compatible with Cal Spas, Marquis and Sundance spas, along with the Jacuzzi J-300 series of spas
  • Includes 40 in. long 18 ga. three-pronged cable that plugs into spa pack
  • SPNO switch carries 2.5 amps of current
  • Switch has 1/2 in. NPT threads that are pre-covered with Teflon tape to prevent drips

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